Here at Phoenix ARC, we never cut corners. Actually, we only ever use genuine parts when it comes to repairing prestige and exotic cars. In fact, all of the cars we repair are done so with genuine parts to provide you with a better repair.

Unmatched level of care

We believe that a repair that can't be seen is the sign of a quality repair. In otherwords, it should look exactly as it did before the accident or damage ever took place. That’s exactly how we handle each and every repair that comes through to us.

All repairs guaranteed for 5 years

To prove what we do is of an unmatched quality, we fully guarantee our repair work for five years. Peace of mind for you, excellent customer service and workmanship from us.

Find out more

Want to find out more about our prestige repair service? Contact one of our team today for pricing and more information.

  • SMART repairs

    Using the latest in repair technology, we can repair light and medium damage at a fraction of the original cost and time of a full repair or replacement. SMART repairs includes small holes in upholstery, trim scratches and more.

  • Plastic repairs

    Plastic repairs include scratches and scuffs to exterior trims, bump strips, bumpers and wing mirror casings. We can repair plastic trims and remove any blemish or damage.

  • Alloy wheel repair

    We can fully refurbish and repair damaged alloy wheels including bubbling, kerbing, scratches and dents from prestige brands.